Sunday, July 12, 2015

Does every post have to have a clever title?

I have never written a blog before.  I've never been big into journal writing or confessing my day to day thoughts to a diary.  Most of the writing I do is of the fictional variety and most of that is set in the fantasy world of Honua.

I am getting ready to release my first novel, Ophelia and Lyan are Dead Meat, soon and I thought a blog might be a good place to release some behind the scenes or background type items.  Not to mention any short stories that I may or may not already have written and may or may not have anything to do with the Honua universe I created and possibly live in psychologically.

So I guess this should be where I get the standard introduction out of the way:

My name is Spencer Stoner.  I'm a Leo.  I like long walks on the beach...

No, while that is true, that is a stupid, cliched way to make fun of a post like this.  Take two:

I, Spencer Stoner, am a writer.  I spend most of my time mulling over ideas for stories in my head and considering the possibilities of events I witness becoming parts of those stories.

I am also a second degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate.  I draw as a hobby (again, focusing on the myriad of characters in my stories.  It is important to keep their looks consistent, right?) and I am currently and Assistant Scoutmaster for a troop of eleven year old Boy Scouts.

I have three sisters.  All of them have Hawaiian names.  Only one of them is married, not that it's a good or bad thing, just a status update.  I have a brother who is related to me in every meaningful way except for genetics.

My Mother has always been supportive of my writing habit and, truly, I would not be pursuing this without her encouragement.  If she ends up reading this, please let me take this moment for a brief aside to say "Hi, Mom!  I love you!"

Anyway, that's "me" in a nut shell.  We'll have to see where this goes.  Together.

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