Monday, May 16, 2016

Story Excerpt (Star Wars Edition)

Are you a Star Wars fan? So am I! 
I am such a big fan, in fact, that I write a serial for another Facebook page called The Star Wars Bash. (Feel free to check it out here:
In a belated celebration of George Lucas’ birthday, I wanted to share part of the first story that I’m proud of in that galaxy far, far away that he created. 
So here is an excerpt from the first episode of the first serial.
Anyway… Enjoy!
Excerpt from Ryotan is Only the Beginning, Episode One:
“Why do you keep such a neurotic droid around?” The woman asked out of genuine curiosity rather than any malevolence toward T-23. “He doesn’t seem to match your personality at all.”
The pilot laughed outright at that. “You know how many short circuits or malfunctions my ship has had since I got him? None. T-23 cares about the Icarus and doesn’t stop checking up on her.”
“Almost like he has a little crush?” Terra grinned.
“Oh, no.” Aryl leaned back in his seat again. “I think it’s outright infatuation.”
Neither spoke for a short while, each enjoying the silence together before Terra finally sighed. “I can’t wait to get back to Coruscant.”
The pilot arched an eyebrow over at the Jedi Knight. “T-23 is annoying you that much?”
“No.” The twi’lek straightened in her seat. “When I get back, I’m getting my first Padawan apprentice. He’s the same species as Master Yoda.”
“Understandable.” Aryl turned for a moment to press a few buttons. “I’m anxious to get back myself.”
“Why’s that?”
“Queen Amidala is getting sworn in as a Senator soon. What Noobian would want to miss that?” Aryl smiled.
Terra smiled back, relaxing into her chair. While the pilot had been living on Coruscant for years, at least according to his records, he still had a sense of pride in his place of birth, the planet Naboo.
Terra herself was born on Coruscant but, once she became a Padawan as a child, only returned rarely to the planet. Even then she spent most of her time in the Jedi Temple until it was time for her Master and herself to leave for their next assignment. She didn’t feel that same pride Aryl did, and wondered about that feeling of… connection.
The twi’lek watched the stars stream by in silence, stealing occasional looks over at Aryl, who busied himself with piloting the ship. Neither spoke, they didn’t feel the need.
Once, when she looked over at Aryl yet again, she caught him stealing a glance at her, just as she had been doing. She blushed, her cheeks turning a dark green, when the sheepish look on his face reminded the woman of what Aryl said to Gingi the engineer about twi’leks when she first hired their ship…
“Hey, Aryl! Can you hear me up there?” Gingi’s baritone voice popped over the comm.
With a flick of the switch, Aryl responded. “Yeah, I hear you Calamari-boy. What’s up?”
“Could one of you come back here and collect T-23?” Both Aryl and Terra had to stifle chuckles. “He’s messing with my engines again.”
Suddenly the ship lurched as if it had hit a wall! The human clamped his hands around the edge of the console to keep from being thrown into the cockpit’s viewing port. The Force kept the Jedi from reeling out of her seat, but only just. The momentum threw her head tails forward and back, giving her a slap on the cheek on their return.
“What happened back there, Gingi?” Aryl’s brow furrowed as looked over the instrument panel.
“I don’t know!” The Mon Calamari’s voice betrayed how uneasy he felt.
Terra glanced out at the stars as she rose from her seat… and they weren’t there. Outside the ship was only blackness, no points of light or any hint that they had even been there.
“I’m going back to see what I can do.” Terra hopped to her feet.
Want to find out what happens next? And, perhaps check out all three story arcs, you can find them here :