Friday, October 20, 2017

Decisions from 2017's "Let's Build a Story Together" Panel

Another year, another interesting panel. It is always interesting to see what people feel are good and/or interesting story elements. No two are the same.

While we discussed what makes a good story, we also made some decisions on the story that this panel was working to create. They were as follows:

*It is a sci-fi story set on a cyber/steampunk style space station.

*It is going to be written in the 1st person perspective.

*The main thrust of the story is an alien invasion.

*The aliens want vengeance against humanity for a "bad first contact".

*That means that the aliens primary target is humans.

*The main character will be an androgynous android named "Toasty".

*Toasty will develop a better understanding of humanity, becoming more human in the process.

*There will be at least one giant monster "kaiju" fight.

*And here is the title. It is quite good, I think: "Juggernaut Star".

I will be writing a story based on these decisions. I will also post it here on this blog (as well as last year's LBaST panel story).

If you were a part of this panel, or last year's as well, feel free to write your own story based on the decisions listed. Here are the only provisos:

First, you have to use all the decisions made by the panel. Without modification.

Since we couldn't decide every aspect of the story, feel free to add to these elements. But they can't change any of the previous decisions from the panel.

Other than that, have a ball! When you are finished, I will even post your story here on this blog for everyone to see (only if you want, of course)!

This should be interesting...

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